Optimize Web typing assistant with content suggestions.
Clap - AI Technology Solution

What is Clap?

Clap is an AI-powered writing assistant designed specifically for web text editors. It offers seamless typing suggestions without any disruptive pop-ups or selections, enabling users to improve their writing experience. Clap is compatible with various text editors and works in real-time across platforms like Gmail, Reddit, GitHub, and more. It ensures effortless smart composition by providing context-aware content continuation that aligns perfectly with the websites being used. This tool also supports multiple languages, allowing users to benefit from AI assistance regardless of their preferred language. To use Clap, users simply start typing in a text box and AI suggestions will appear, marked by ‘…’. By pressing the ‘Tab’ key, users can accept the suggested text, or discard it by pressing any other key. Although it requires JavaScript to be enabled, Clap offers a distraction-free and hassle-free writing experience, making it a valuable asset for individuals who want to enhance their writing skills without interruptions. Clap offers a subscription-based pricing model, providing unlimited access to its features. Users can choose between a monthly or annual subscription, with an annual subscription offering a 20% discount. A free trial is also available for users who want to test the tool before making a commitment.

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