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What is CHCKR?

CHCKR is an AI application essay coach that provides instant essay scoring, feedback, and recommendations on how to improve. It evaluates multiple dimensions of your writing, including essay structure, flow, syntax, and grammar, in seconds. By taking a funnel approach, it first assesses what you write and then how well you write it. This tool is designed to catch common issues such as topic jumping, conflicting plots, inefficient sentence structures, and poor word choice.With CHCKR, you receive instant feedback that includes actionable recommendations, a detailed explanation of why changes are necessary, and illustrative examples of good and bad writing. It offers dynamic feedback tailored to address your biggest gaps and prioritizes the aspects of your essay that require attention based on its maturity. Additionally, it provides live editing and real-time refresh functionality, allowing you to iterate and improve rapidly.CHCKR leverages over 50 proprietary machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, as well as a vast database of essays, to make highly individualized suggestions on how you can enhance your essay. It generates a succinct summary report that highlights the key strengths and weaknesses of your application essay, helping you understand what is working well and where to focus your efforts. The tool is available for a one-time payment of $9.99, and there is an option for group membership for institutions with custom pricing. CHCKR aims to empower every applicant to tell a structured, insightful, and memorable personal story to admissions.

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