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Caseyak - AI Technology Solution

What is Caseyak?

CaseYak is an AI tool that uses artificial intelligence to predict the value of personal injury claims. It compares user inputs to ten years of historical jury verdict data using a machine learning model to provide an estimate of the projected claim value. The tool requires less than five minutes to generate an estimate by considering factors such as accident details, injuries and symptoms, medical expenses, and lost wages. It is important to note that the predictions offered by CaseYak are for general informational purposes only, and the tool assumes certain assumptions. Therefore, it is highly advised to consult with a personal injury attorney for a more accurate determination of claim value.The CaseYak platform aims to provide a data-driven and objective prediction, which is a unique feature compared to traditional estimation methods that rely on subjective case evaluations and rough multiples of medical expenses. While it cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, hiring a personal injury attorney is statistically proven to result in higher recoveries, even considering the attorney’s fee. In addition to estimating claim values, CaseYak also offers resources and information to assist individuals in dealing with personal injury claims. The tool does not provide legal advice, and users should consult with an attorney for a comprehensive financial and legal analysis of their case.

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