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Buddiz - AI Technology Solution

What is Buddiz?

Buddiz is an AI-powered tool designed to support educators and simplify the learning process. It offers personalized learning paths, real-time insights, and interactive challenges to enhance the educational experience. For teachers, Buddiz provides customized learning activities and predictions for student progress. It also offers ready-made class materials, automated grading, and a helpful virtual assistant. Additionally, the tool provides support for mental health and offers feedback analysis through advanced analytics.For students, Buddiz serves as a friendly student assistant, providing personal challenges with unlimited trials. It also offers timely feedback and explanations, rewards systems, and tailored chat bots for a more engaging learning experience. It also provides support for mental health and offers recommendation systems to help students further.Buddiz aims to reduce burnout among educators while improving student engagement and transforming education. The tool focuses on enhancing specific areas that students need to improve, leading to increased success rates. It offers the opportunity to create an AI-powered campus, bringing innovation and addressing burnout issues.Buddiz is supported by Microsoft for Startups. The tool is free for teachers and offers a waitlist for teachers to join. It is designed to empower educators and students alike, providing a comprehensive set of features to enhance the learning journey. With Buddiz, users can expect a personalized and engaging learning experience while simplifying the overall learning process.

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