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Bottr - AI Technology Solution

What is Bottr?

Bottr is an AI tool that allows users to create their personalized AI assistant, chatbot, and more. This tool integrates the power of AI and LLMs (Language Model) into day-to-day personal and business tasks, simplifying life and boosting productivity. The AI assistant is designed to handle a wide range of tasks and is built on a state-of-the-art language model like chatGPT.Users can customize their AI bot by feeding it their own instructions and data, enabling it to evolve and become more personalized and efficient over time. The bot comes pre-trained on a vast knowledge base of publicly available information. It learns from user preferences, habits, and needs, growing and learning together with the user.One of the key advantages of Bottr is its adaptability and integration capabilities. The AI bot can be easily integrated into any platform or system, including websites, mobile apps, and social media pages. It acts as a virtual representative, available 24/7 to engage with the user’s audience. The bot is designed to communicate effectively, providing accurate and helpful responses, answering queries, and guiding users through processes.Building an AI assistant or chatbot with Bottr is simple and involves signing up, personalizing the bot with a custom name, avatar, and branding, instructing the bot in plain language, giving it desired powers, and training it on various data sources. The result is a unique AI assistant that can be shared, embedded, or integrated anywhere for others to interact with.Overall, Bottr offers a powerful and customizable tool for creating personalized AI assistants and chatbots, streamlining tasks and enhancing user engagement across various platforms.

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