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What is Botpress?

Botpress is a generative AI platform for building ChatGPT chatbots, enabling users to create chatbots with an intuitive building experience, powered by the latest in LLMs and GPT by OpenAI. The platform offers an extensive range of features, including the GPT-Native Engine and Conversation Studio, which provides a next-generation chatbot editor. Besides, the platform comprises the Hub, which is the largest collection of integrations that users can use to integrate their chatbots with other tools and services. It also offers various resources, including documentation, video tutorials, SDK, and a community forum on Discord. Botpress Cloud is the platform’s new feature that users can try out to build and deploy their chatbots faster, while its Visual Flow Editor offers an intuitive, visual flow editor that allows users to bring their users’ conversations to life. The platform also provides various pre-built integrations and skills powered by the largest chatbot open-source community, enabling users to speed their building process.Users can leverage the platform’s insights from Analytics, Misunderstood, and Sentiment Analysis to continuously improve their chatbot. Additionally, Botpress offers one-click deploy across all their channels to meet users where they are. Botpress is trusted by thousands of organizations and has built various templates, including Shopping Companion, Health Bot Template, Banking Support, IT Assistant, Telco Billing Advisor, Fitness Friend, HR Helper, and Language Tutor chatbots. Overall, Botpress offers various tools and features that make building and deploying chatbots faster and effortless.

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