Optimize Automated fashion product photography for e-commerce.
Botika - AI Technology Solution

What is Botika?

Botika is an AI-powered software platform that helps online apparel retailers to quickly and cost-effectively produce high-quality, hyper-realistic clothing product photos. The platform makes use of generative AI technology to create an endless variety of on-model images, eliminating the need for traditional photoshoots and the associated costs and time. Botika is compliant with the world’s leading ecommerce platforms and can be used to generate images with a wide range of diversity, ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, background and more. The platform also helps to quickly upload new collections, move stock quickly, reduce returns and optimize photos for location, age, body type and more. Botika is backed by Secret Chord Ventures, Stardom Ventures and Kaedan Ventures and is committed to transforming the fashion industry through the use of synthetic media.

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