Blur On

Optimize Automated video blurring plug-in for edited videos.
Blur On - AI Technology Solution

What is Blur On?

BlurOn is an After Effects plug-in that can reduce mosaicing work in video by up to 90%. It uses AI to automatically detect faces, heads, full bodies, license plates and other objects in videos, making video editing more efficient. It is used by TV stations and post-production companies to save time and increase productivity. The plug-in works by detecting certain objects in the video and then automatically masking them with a blur effect. This can reduce the amount of manual editing required and make video editing more efficient. BlurOn is powered by Cookiebot, which is used to collect data on user behaviour and preferences in order to provide tailored content and advertising. It also shares this data with third-party partners for the purpose of social media and data analysis. BlurOn also collects data for statistical purposes in order to improve the user experience. This data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable. Additionally, BlurOn also collects data from providers such as Google, HubSpot and YouTube in order to provide features such as form implementation, chat-box functionality and optimised video quality. All data collected is used to ensure the best user experience possible.

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