Optimize Global news articles enriched with NLP.
AYLIEN - AI Technology Solution

What is AYLIEN?

The AYLIEN News API is a tool that offers access to global news content and data through news aggregation, search, and monitoring. It provides instant access to 1.4 million NLP enriched articles daily from over 80,000 public and licensed sources, with the help of an AI-powered news search mechanism. The tool enables teams to build intelligent news-driven applications and workflows, enhance models with NLP enriched content, and augment risk monitoring processes and models. The AYLIEN News API provides end-to-end news intelligence, allowing analysts to proactively identify, investigate, and monitor news using the Radar feature. It offers users access to tagged, searchable, and actionable news content, while also providing advanced analytical features to identify and visualize trends and insights. The tool has been trusted by well-known companies, such as Wells Fargo, Fidelity, IBM, and S&P Global, and is used to provide informed decisions to a range of industries including finance, media, and healthcare. A 14-day trial is available to those who want to try out the tool without any credit card requirements. The AYLIEN News API is supported by documentation, SDKs, common workflows, datasets, and research papers.

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