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Automagine - AI Technology Solution

What is Automagine?

Automagine is an AI tool available on the Google Workspace Marketplace that allows users to input text and automatically generate stunning artwork and images. By utilizing the power of the new stable diffusion AI model, users can describe a piece of art or an image they want and with a simple button click, the tool will generate the desired image. The generated image is then automatically added to the user’s document or current slide and saved in a folder called diffusion-images.Currently, Automagine operates as a text-to-image tool, with the ability to create modern art similar to Mid journey or Dall-e using the artistic mode feature. Additionally, the prompt boost feature enhances the level of detail in the generated prompts through the utilization of gpt-3 technology.The tool is free to use, though it offers paid features. It requires permissions to access the user’s Google account, enabling it to view and manage documents, Google Drive files, Google Slides presentations, and to display and run third-party web content within Google applications. Users have the option to rate and review the app, which will be publicly displayed along with their profile name and photo.For more details, support, privacy policy, terms of service, and pricing information, users can visit the website provided by Madhav, the developer of Automagine.

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