Optimize Audio track separation and remixing.
Audioshake - AI Technology Solution

What is Audioshake?

AudioShake is an AI tool designed to help musicians, labels, publishers, and other stakeholders unlock new potential in audio recordings. It can separate a single track into its individual elements, such as vocals, drums, guitar, bass, and other sounds, allowing these components to be used in new and creative ways. This technology can be used to create instrumentals, remixes, mash-ups, and more, as well as re-mastering and removing bleed from multi-tracked live recordings. AudioShake also offers an API for integration into a variety of audio services, as well as a Live service for labels and publishers. The AudioShake AI is best-in-class, and has been praised by Grammy-winning songwriters, music supervisors, and record labels for its quality and speed. It is being featured in a variety of publications and media outlets, and is being used by a wide range of customers to create new opportunities from their audio recordings.

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