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Optimize Improved weather forecasting and analysis.
Atmo AI - AI Technology Solution

What is Atmo AI?

Atmo AI is an AI-enabled hardware-software system that uses Deep Learning and Numerical Weather Prediction techniques to enhance weather forecasting. Its solutions are affordable and accessible, and it aims to provide accurate and early weather prediction to governments, businesses, and communities worldwide. Atmo offers high-accuracy time horizons for up to 14 days, spatial resolution up to 1 km², and spatial processing of up to 500 km² per minute. Atmo’s hybridization of NWP and DNNs improves its forecast horizon, spatial, and temporal resolution, and it operates anywhere -30C to 45C without requiring a datacenter or even a roof. Atmo predicts weather sooner and better, providing citizens with clear and accessible data to act upon. Atmo’s solutions support national security and public safety by providing early and accurate weather forecasting, enabling governments to prepare for disasters accordingly. Additionally, Atmo can support military organizations by anticipating extreme weather and mitigating weather-related risks. Finally, Atmo’s tailored and cost-effective solution supports nations worldwide, making it possible for businesses, citizens, and organizations to obtain accessible and clear weather information. With a team composed of experts in AI, meteorology, and government, Atmo is committed to empowering leaders to protect and enrich their citizens with superior weather prediction.

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