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Optimize Optimized navigation app for drivers, with rewards.
Atlas Navi - AI Technology Solution

What is Atlas Navi?

Atlas Navi is an AI-powered navigation app that strives to become the leading choice for drivers around the world. Using machine learning and blockchain technology, Atlas Navi provides drivers with a better route, real-time information, and an opportunity to earn rewards for each mile driven. The app also features a dashcam to record trips, group trips and trips history, 3D vehicle NFTs, and maintenance alerts.Atlas Navi has a growing community of over 325,000 app downloads and a total of 22,700,000 miles driven. With an average in-app time of 46 minutes per day, Atlas Navi also offers referral rewards and partnerships with NVIDIA’s Inception Accelerator, Waymo (Google), and over 12 automotive brands.Atlas Navi is the perfect choice for drivers looking to make the most of their journeys. With better routing, real-time information, and rewards for each mile driven, Atlas Navi is the go-to navigation app.

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