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What is Ask Jules?

Ask Jules is an AI tool developed by Hardcover, an online platform for discovering, tracking, and reading life-changing books. Ask Jules serves as a book discovery companion, providing assistance and information to all supporters of Hardcover. As an AI librarian, Jules offers personalized recommendations for readers to find their next book based on their preferences and interests. Users can also ask any book-related questions, and Jules will provide relevant answers.The tool offers features like “Home Library,” where users can keep track of their book collection, and “Explore,” which allows users to discover trending books. A search function is also available to help users find specific books or authors. Ask Jules requires users to log in and accept cookies, which enhance the browsing experience.The primary objective of Ask Jules is to provide a convenient and user-friendly platform for book lovers to explore new titles and receive assistance with their literary queries. By leveraging AI technology, Ask Jules aims to facilitate effective book discovery and enhance the reading experience of Hardcover users.

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