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Ask Command - AI Technology Solution

What is Ask Command?

Ask Command is an AI-powered developer assistant that serves as a tiny app to remind users about commands they may have forgotten. Powered by Open AI’s GPT-3, Ask Command takes users’ queries and works to provide them with the best command for their situation. It is a sandboxed macOS app, meaning that it cannot make any changes to the user’s system or run any commands on the user’s behalf. Instead, the app simply suggests commands that the user must copy and paste into their terminal. It works best with popular Unix commands and is able to understand basic logic and conditions. Additionally, Ask Command offers limited free credits and users are encouraged to use simple, generic questions to get their answers faster. Currently, Ask Command is only available for macOS and is not open source. However, if the app gains enough traction, the developer plans to continue working on the app and further improve its features.

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