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What is ARTI.PICS? is an AI-powered avatar maker that enables users to create unique avatars from a selection of photos. To generate an avatar, the user uploads up to 20 photos of themselves, including close-ups of the face, shots of the chest up, and full body photos. The photos should be taken in different clothes and with various angles, expressions, and poses to enable the AI to generate a more accurate avatar. After uploading the photos, the AI begins training on the images and produces more than 200 different avatars in various styles. sends an email to the user with a link to the project once the images are ready. The generated images are stored for 30 days and can be downloaded and shared with friends on social media. The cost of the service is 29$. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available. The user cannot edit the uploaded photos once the AI begins training, but they can purchase more credits and create a new project from scratch. cannot guarantee the accuracy of the AI-generated images, and the user may receive artistic nudes or other content they do not like. If this happens, the user can contact to provide feedback.

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