Optimize Generated language for business data analysis.
Arria - AI Technology Solution

What is Arria?

Arria NLG is a technology suite that offers natural language generation (NLG) solutions for various industries and business needs. NLG is the process of turning data into written or spoken language, providing operational efficiencies and cost-savings across the enterprise. The technology suite provides different NLG product offerings that cater to specific industry expertise such as financial services, pharma, energy, quick-serve restaurants, and consumer research, among others. It offers use cases by industry and business needs, including enterprise reporting, content automation, and community resources. Arria’s NLG technology suite also provides NLG Studio and Arria Connect, which allows users to create and deploy customized NLG applications. Moreover, the suite offers free trials and demos and provides resources such as product documentation, helpful tips and tricks, and NLG education for users. The Arria culture emphasizes the importance of leadership and delivers its NLG solutions through a core team of experts and innovative patented technologies that offer various deployment options. Overall, the Arria NLG technology suite provides a comprehensive and customized approach to natural language generation.

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