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Ardor Fitness - AI Technology Solution

What is Ardor Fitness?

Ardor Fitness is an AI personal training tool that customizes workouts according to individual preferences and needs. The platform adapts daily to take into account availability, equipment, interests, and abilities of each user. By competing against oneself every day, users can track their progress and performance improvements over time.One of the key features of Ardor Fitness is its ability to build personalized workouts. The tool considers a user’s schedule, creating progression-based programs that can be tailored to fit any window of time. It also accounts for the equipment available, whether it’s at home, in a garage, or at a new gym.Ardor Fitness allows users to create their own fitness paths by mixing together their interests and goals. This enables them to have a program that truly represents their individuality. The tool also predicts the user’s capabilities for each workout, providing personal challenges to strive for.Unlike many other fitness apps, Ardor Fitness is designed to react to the user. Tomorrow’s workout is dependent on today’s performance. The tool also takes into consideration the user’s energy levels, allowing them to dial up or down the intensity and duration of workouts. By offering workout challenges that evolve with the user, Ardor Fitness promotes daily self-competition.Ardor Fitness is available for download on the App Store and offers a free 90-day trial. Afterward, it is available for a monthly subscription fee. The tool is currently only available for iOS users, with an Android version planned for the future.

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