Optimize BIM solutions for building design criteria.
Architechtures - AI Technology Solution

What is Architechtures?

Architechtures is an AI-powered building design web tool for the residential sector. It helps to improve decision-making and reduce design time from months to minutes by offering an intuitive, cloud-based platform. Users can input design criteria that the project must meet and define and model the solution online in 2D and 3D. The AI system then generates the geometry that best fits the parameters entered for each user iteration and the resulting BIM solution and all its metrics are displayed in real-time. The platform also performs a detailed takeoff of every work unit in real-time to let the user input the unit cost for every line, and is soon to be integrated with a Real-Time Energy Analysis feature. Additionally, designs are available for download in XLS, CAD and BIM format, and the platform can be customized to suit the needs of residential developers, build to rent companies, or modular contractors with a defined product.

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