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Amber by inFeedo - AI Technology Solution

What is Amber by inFeedo?

Amber by inFeedoâ„¢ is a conversational AI bot designed to have intelligent conversations with employees. Its primary function is to identify employees who are unhappy, disengaged, or likely to leave. It achieves this by engaging employees in conversations and analyzing their responses. Amber uses powerful AI algorithms to understand the intent behind the employees’ statements and provide appropriate responses. The platform emphasizes privacy and uses cookies to enhance user experiences on their website, allowing users to disable tracking if desired.In addition to conversation analysis, inFeedoâ„¢ offers other AI-driven solutions. These include an engagement platform that helps organizations understand and boost employee sentiment, an AI helpdesk that automates employee support, and people analytics software that provides deep insights and actionable data. The company also offers people science advisory services, providing expert consultancy for real problems and a research-backed employee experience framework.Amber’s conversational AI capabilities enable it to provide reliable automation and sentiment analysis with 95% accuracy. The tool is trusted by industry leaders and has reportedly resulted in significant savings in HRBP hours and high ROI. The company showcases customer success stories and provides resources such as blogs, newsletters, customer stories, and reports to support HR professionals in their use of AI tools.Overall, Amber by inFeedoâ„¢ is a powerful conversational AI platform that helps organizations prioritize employee well-being, identify potential issues, and take proactive measures to improve employee engagement and reduce attrition.

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