Optimize Studio-style selfie transformation.
AliceCam - AI Technology Solution

What is AliceCam?

AliceCam is an AI-powered portrait generator tool that allows users to effortlessly transform their selfies using a vast style library. With over 120 styles to choose from, users can easily enhance their photos with professional studio-style effects. The process is simple: users first select a style from the gallery that resonates with their unique flair. They then upload six selfies and within the hour, receive their new headshots. Once the digital model is created, users can generate more photos using the various styles available, with each photo taking just a few minutes to generate.The tool offers high-quality results comparable to those of a real photographer but at a significantly lower cost. With prices as low as $0.1 per photo, users can achieve exceptional value. AliceCam also provides different pricing options, ranging from starter packages to premium bundles, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs.AliceCam ensures data security, with user photos promptly deleted after the creation of the digital model. Users have complete control over the sharing of their photos and can remove them or deactivate their account whenever desired. The tool supports portraits with glasses and provides guidelines for optimal photo uploads, including diversity in facial expressions, locations, backgrounds, and camera angles.In terms of ownership, users maintain full control and ownership of their photos. AliceCam utilizes the uploaded photos for training its AI model and does not use them for any other purposes. Payment transactions are secure, utilizing the Stripe payment platform, and users receive an invoice upon completing their purchase.

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