Optimize Generate art with Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky models.
AIRunner - AI Technology Solution

What is AIRunner?

AI Runner with Stable Diffusion | AI Art Editor by Capsize Games is a downloadable tool for Windows and Linux that allows users to generate AI art using Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky models directly on their own hardware. The tool offers flexible prompts and weighting options using compel and automatic style prompt weighting, as well as support for various model types and formats such as diffusers, safe tensors, and ckpt. Users can customize metadata import/export options, control the grid size, line width, and color, and use drawing tools to transform sketches into art.Additional features include infinite scrolling canvas, outpainting for creating large-scale artwork, image batch generation and interpolation, image filters for creative effects, and a toggle for NSFW filter. The tool is designed for easy setup and installation, with fast image generation using GPU acceleration, though CPU image generation is also supported. AI Runner is actively developed with regular updates.The tool requires a Cuda capable GPU (2080s or higher recommended), 8GB of system RAM (16GB recommended), and 6GB of VRAM (8GB+ recommended for all features). It also requires approximately 5.8GB of disk space to install, with additional space needed for custom models.Overall, AI Runner with Stable Diffusion | AI Art Editor provides a user-friendly interface and powerful features for generating AI art using Stable Diffusion and Kandinsky models on users’ own hardware.

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