Optimize TikTok social media marketing assistance
Airpost - AI Technology Solution

What is Airpost? is an AI-powered platform designed to assist social media marketers, specifically those focusing on TikTok. It offers a range of features to help users increase their reach, engagement, and post frequency on the platform. One of its key functions is trendspotting, where the airpost team constantly monitors TikTok for new trends and makes them instantly available to users. The platform also provides an AI-powered copywriting tool, allowing users to generate brand-specific copy for their posts. There is a built-in copy editor for further customization.The tool caters to social media managers who want to enhance their TikTok presence but may have limited time or resources to do so. The platform’s aim is to boost engagement by providing multiple trend-driven post ideas that resonate with the target audience. It offers the flexibility to post multiple times a day on TikTok and other channels, helping users connect with their audience and promote their products operates on a subscription model, with a free trial period followed by a monthly fee. The pricing is mentioned, but precise amounts are not provided. Users can cancel their subscription at any time, and any airposts created during the subscription will remain accessible and usable even after cancellation. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and emphasizes the importance of privacy by providing a Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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