Optimize Retrofitted heavy equipment for safer mining.
AIM - AI Technology Solution

What is AIM?

AIM Intelligent Machines provides a revolutionary solution for businesses by retrofitting their existing heavy equipment with an autonomous system. This system allows machines to work at full utilization without an operator, and with 360 degree safety to prevent any accidents. AIM provides a range of services to make jobs faster, safer, and more efficient, such as automated world building, mining, and terraforming. The system is compatible with any age, size, or brand of earthmoving machine and preserves the ability to manually operate the equipment. AIM’s team consists of experts in autonomy, robotics, hardware, and advanced machine learning, and is supported by advisors from leading corporations and universities. The company is also backed by investors from General Catalyst, Human Capital, Ironspring Ventures, and more. AIM offers a variety of career opportunities and invites people to join their team to make a positive impact on the world.

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