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AI Headshot Generator - AI Technology Solution

What is AI Headshot Generator?

The AI Headshot Generator is a professional starter kit powered by Next.js, Leap AI, and Vercel. It is an open-source project from Leap AI that enables users to generate professional AI headshots in minutes. The app utilizes Leap AI for AI model training and generating headshots. It also leverages Next.js for app and landing page development, Supabase for database and authentication, Resend (optional) for emailing users when headshots are ready, Shadcn with Tailwind CSS for styling, Vercel for deployments, and Stripe for billing.With this tool, users can easily clone, configure, and deploy their own Headshot AI software-as-a-service. Training models is only available on paid plans, so users need an active Leap AI plan to train models. The installation process involves setting up Supabase/Vercel and the user’s GitHub repository using the provided Vercel Deploy Button. During the Supabase integration step, users should make sure to select the “Create sample tables” option, which may take a few minutes to complete.Overall, the AI Headshot Generator provides a streamlined solution for generating professional headshots using AI technology. It combines various technologies and services to create a comprehensive and efficient headshot generation platform.

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