Optimize Creation of high-quality 3D models from existing images.

What is 3DFY?

3DFY.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that enables the creation of high-quality 3D models with just a few existing images. It is designed to meet the growing demand for 3D content, which has been limited by the time-consuming, expensive, and non-scalable methods of photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and manual creation. Through their AI-powered 3D generation pipeline, 3DFY.ai eliminates the need for human labor and ensures 3D models adhere to modern quality standards. The tool can be used for individual self-expression, mass generation of 3D models for business purposes, or for creating 3D virtual objects based on textual prompts. It also provides services for online retail, gaming, AR/VR, and simulation, and can transform object projections, sketches, and concept art into an initial 3D model. 3DFY.ai can be used to create 3D assets in a variety of industries with its text-to-3D web service (3DFY Prompt Playground), text-to-3D API (3DFY Prompt API), massive 3D dataset generation service (3DFY Megapacks), and image-to-3D service (3DFY Image).

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